What is dog breeders insurance and what does it cover?


Dog breeders insurance is a specialized dog insurance policy that is designed to meet the needs of dog breeders.

After all, dog breeders have unique needs - needs that are quite different from those that "normal" dog owners have. Since dog breeding is a business, the dog breeder may be faced with additional financial risks such as third party liability as well as the cost of the dog's fertility and pregnancy.

Here are some benefits provided by a dog breeders insurance policy:

  • Veterinary Fees: This will pay for the costs of veterinary treatments which are needed due to illnesses, disease or injury. A desirable veterinary fee benefit will ideally provide lifelong cover.
  • Third party liability: This will pay for legal obligations and legal costs that the dog breeder has to face when he is sued because of injury or damage caused by the dogs the breeder owns.
  • Fertility Costs: This provides payments for treatments aimed towards improving the fertility of the dogs. It may include payments for testing as well as fertility treatment if a dog has been diagnosed as fertile.
  • Pregnancy and birth: This provides the cost for ensuring that a dog's pregnancy and birth is safe and free from health complications. The aim is to ensure that the mother and the puppies are healthy during gestation and whelping. The benefit may provide payments for caesarean sections.
  • Care for puppies at their early stage: This will help defray the cost of treatment to ensure that puppies grow healthy and free from illnesses. It can pay for fading puppy syndrome, starting from the puppies' birth up until the time that these are sold.
  • Equipment Insurance: This will pay for damage caused to dog breeding equipment due to natural disasters such as storms, floods, escape of oil or water, fire, explosion, theft, civil commotions or riots, aircraft or malicious damage.
  • Death Benefit: This will pay a certain amount when a member of the dog breeding kennel dies.

Dog breeders can also usually choose the levels of veterinarian's fees and excess levels.

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