How can a horse breeding business benefit from horse and pony medical insurance?


If you are into the horse breeding business, you really need to have horse and pony medical insurance. As a businessman, you would want to protect your assets - your horses and ponies.

Horse and pony medical insurance will help to cover the costs of medical treatment so that your brood will stay healthy and strong, as well as attractive to prospective buyers. The insurance would mainly help to pay for veterinarian's fees for injuries and illnesses that your horses may incur in the course of training and breeding. Horses are also prone to strains and injury.

When you have a number of horses in your stable, getting covered is pretty important, as equine veterinarian costs are quite expensive.

For example, a serious case of colic which will need surgery may cost you upwards of $10,000. Indeed, if you consider medical treatments for dogs and cats expensive, treatment for horses would be in a whole new league. Their medical care would require a veterinarian that is well-versed and well-trained to meet their health needs and should have specialized medical equipment.

However, this medical insurance is only for unforeseen medical treatments and will not include routine veterinary care, as well as pre-existing medical conditions.

  • If you are breeding higher-priced horses, you may want to also consider getting a horse and pony medical insurance that has higher medical benefit limits. Even though this would be more expensive than a standard coverage, it will be well worth it when it comes to providing for costly veterinary treatment.
  • If you also have high performing breeders, it is recommended that you purchase lifetime equine insurance for them, since this will provide continued coverage, even for existing illnesses. That way, your high performers will continue to bring in the profits, even when they have gotten past the age limit for standard coverage.

Aside from horse and pony medical insurance, you may also want to purchase life cover, permanent loss of use (when a horse becomes unable to perform as it should because of an illness or injury) and theft cover. Some horse insurance packages can also include tack and trailer insurance, which will cover for damage or theft to the other related horse equipment.

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