Can I get pet insurance even if my dog had heartworms?


If your dog already has heartworms before you buy the insurance, this may be excluded by the insurer. Of course, this depends on whether the pet insurance company considers heartworms as a pre-existing medical condition. But yes, you may still get pet insurance and still may have coverage for heartworms.

Heartworm is a disease that, when left untreated, may lead to your pet's death. Even then, if you act promptly, it is still curable and surely preventable. Your pet insurance will kick in to help your dog from contracting heartworm and treating it.

Heartworms commonly fall under a pre-existing condition that is considered curable. Sometimes this is also included in the pet insurance coverage. However, there are certain terms required for the pet insurance company to consider a claim payable.

For instance, it will not pay for a recurrence of heartworm that occurs within a specified period (usually a year) from the date of the last episode.

Pre-existing conditions that may be added to the pet insurance cover include bladder infections, diarrhea or vomiting, urinary tract infections, respiratory infections or other curable conditions. The pet insurance will check your dog's medical history to see whether there are further episodes after your dog's heartworms have been healed. Your insurer reserves the right to reinstate the coverage or not.

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