Will long term care insurance pay for nursing home care?


Yes, most long term insurance policies are designed to cover nursing home care. It really depends on the policy that you bought, since there are also policies that only cover for a specific type of long term care facility.

Basically, long term care policy provides the following kinds of coverage:

  • Facility only. This covers long term care provided by a state or city-licensed facility. This would include nursing homes, hospices, specialized facilities that cater to those with Alzheimer's and other mentally degenerative diseases and assisted-living facilities.
  • Home health care policy. This covers long term care provided at the insured person's home or any community facility. This would include home health care, respite care, as well as adult day care.
  • Comprehensive cover. This provides the insured with flexibility and more options, as the policy may pay for home health care, nursing homes and any other similar institutions.

When you buy the policy, you should check as to what type of coverage you obtained. You can also ask your insurance company's care coordinator, whose task is to assist the insured in getting the care that he is best suited to and that is covered by the policy.

A nursing home is one of the top choices when it comes to long term care. A nursing home can provide the following services:

  • Medical care. A nursing home is staffed by doctors and nurses who will facilitate medication, as well as other treatments, procedures and diets that the client will need. There are also nurses on hand to provide services such as injections, supervision of medication and coordination of care.
  • Rehabilitation. The nursing home will provide services to help the client recover from an operation, a stroke or any other serious illness that led to some form of disablement. The home can provide therapy, including speech, occupational, physical and respiratory therapy.
  • Residential care. The nursing home will provide a safe home environment for the client, one where the client can also enjoy the comforts of home.
  • Personal care. This includes helping the client go about his daily activities, such as moving from one place to another, eating, taking a bath and toileting.

You should study your lifestyle and your needs to help you decide whether to buy a policy that covers nursing homes.

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