Does long term care insurance cover Alzheimer's?


Yes, there are a lot of policies that cover long term care insurance that cover Alzheimer's disease. But, since there are also some long term care policies that exclude mental and cognitive ailments such as Alzheimer's, you should always check whether this disease is specifically listed in a policy before you buy. It is important for you to do this so that you ensure that the coverage is not listed under something that's vague (and ultimately may be denied payment by the insurance company).

Alzheimer's disease head the list of disabilities that necessitate long term care, such as admittance in a nursing home or getting assisted living services in the home. That is why it's important to consider getting coverage for Alzheimer's, especially if your family has a history of this disease.

When you already start exhibiting the symptoms or if you have already have received a diagnosis of Alzheimer's from your doctor, you can very well expect that you will be denied coverage for this disease. Insurance companies do some medical underwriting before they will issue the policy and you need to pass their qualifications.

When considering the policy, you should check for the following elements:

  • The length of the payment period. Those who are diagnosed with Alzheimer's have an average survival time of five to ten years, thus you need to prepare for at least 10 years of long term care.
  • Kind of benefits provided. What kind of care will the insurance pay for? Check whether it pays for nursing home care, as well as home health care. Also, consider adding a rider to protect against inflation, as well as a rider that will pay an additional amount to have the home renovated and customized based on the patient with Alzheimer's.
  • Kind of guarantee provided. Ask whether the policy may be cancelled once you exhibit symptoms, such as the deterioration of your cognitive abilities.
  • Study the other expenses involved with caring for one that has Alzheimer's. That way, you can look into the benefit amounts and have an idea of just how much you will need.
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