What is a bed reservation in long term health care insurance?


Bed reservation is a benefit in long term health care insurance that ensures that your "space" or "bed" in a nursing home is secured.

You see, if you are staying in a care facility such as a nursing home and you get hospitalized for an extended period, you may lose your space in the nursing home. If the policy provides this benefit, it can keep up the payments for the nursing home or assisted care facility in order to help you keep your bed.

This depends on the turnover rate of the nursing home and whether or not there is a waiting list of potential customers. If the demand for the nursing home you are currently staying in is high, then, chances are, the nursing home may move on to the next person in the waiting list and give your space to him.

Let's face it, you spent quite a considerable time studying your options as to which care facility you want to be admitted in. You may also have made friends and adjusted to that care facility. The prospect of having to go through the process of selecting your nursing home of choice and of being waitlisted should not be part of your worries, particularly if you just got out of the hospital.

Mind you, this benefit does not only pay when you are hospitalized. Depending on the policy, you can also be able to take a vacation for a short while. This benefit is quite handy in that, if you are hospitalized, you will need to spend for your hospital stay and it will surely take a strain on your finances if had to pay both the hospital and the nursing home.

Check the policy provisions to determine whether your insurance covers this and for how long the benefit will pay in order to help you keep your bed.

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