How to file a home insurance claim?


Home insurance claims are some of the most complicated to handle. If your home has suffered from damage or destruction, it is of utmost importance that you know exactly what to do to file a claim with your insurance provider and be properly indemnified for your loss. Remember that insurers deny home insurance claims quite often and it is up to you to document your losses as precisely as possible.

How to File a Home Insurance Claim

There are a number of steps that you should take when it comes to submitting a home insurance claim to your insurer:

  1. Given the complex nature of home insurance claims, it may be a good idea to turn to an insurance agent for help when claim hour strikes. Hiring an agent is a must-do when you have suffered serious losses. Contrariwise, if the losses are minor, you might be able to proceed with the claim file yourself.
  2. The next step - and the most important one - is documenting the loss. What you are expected to do is try to create a detailed story of the circumstances around the loss and the result thereof. You may do that in writing but in addition, it is always a good idea to attach photographs, or a video, showing the condition of your personal property. Here is what a home insurance claim must consist of:
    • Evidence of loss - the best way to show the damages to your home and their extent, is by taking photographs of all the property damage.
    • You will need to file a description of all the damages in writing. Along with the photographic material, it will help the adjuster estimate how much it will cost for the damage to be repaired.
    • The activity log showing the chronology of events is also very important in determining the settlement amount.
    • Supporting documentation of any kind, such as purchase slips, papers documenting replacement, repair estimates, and so on, can be used.
  3. Don't just sit idle and wait for the insurance settlement to be reached: try to repair as much as you can yourself, and keep hold of all the receipts, if you want to be reimbursed for the repairs.
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