How can I find cheap home and contents insurance?


When looking for home and contents insurance, it is of primary importance that you shop around and compare multiple quotes in order to make an informed decision. Everyone wants to find the cheapest deal possible but remember that cheapness is relative and -while the cheapest home and contents insurance quotes may look very tempting, they will not be the best choice.

Home insurance national averages range between $700 and $760 a year. However, home insurance prices vary greatly by state. In some states, such as Texas, Florida and California, it is hard, if not impossible, to find home and contents insurance for under $1000 a year. In states such as South Dakota and North Dakota, on the other hand, you can find home insurance for under $300 per annum. This comes to show the importance of being aware of the average home and contents insurance cost in your state.

Cheap home and contents insurance will mean anything in the lower end of the price scale for the particular area.

How to Get a Home and Contents Insurance Quote

The easiest way is to shop online. Certain websites allow you to get multiple personalized homeowners insurance quotes offered by a number of companies by simply filling in a form. Here are some tips for finding the best home and contents insurance quote:

  • Comparison-shopping is the key to finding the quote that matches your individual needs. Be sure to compare coverage amounts, contents insurance coverage limits and exclusions, and the available endorsements.
  • Make a list of all your belongings, add up their price and make sure that their aggregate doesn't exceed the amount allocated to insuring personal property contents which is typically 50 percent of the overall home coverage amount.
  • To get the cheapest home and contents insurance policy with the best coverage possible, you should take advantage of all discounts available, which apply to you. Raising your deductible also helps lowering your home and contents insurance premium.
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