What type of insurance do you need for your small business to subcontract on commercial jobs?


The most common and the highly recommended type of insurance for small businesses is the general liability insurance. If you are planning to subcontract on commercial jobs, liability insurance will most likely do the thing. General liability insurance basically covers the most important policies for small businesses. General liability insurance offers the following coverage:

  • Property Damage - covers an employee's or company's property or possession that was damaged by your employee or business. In case you will be obliged to pay for these, the property damage policy will protect you from shouldering the costs out of your own pocket.
  • Personal Injury Liability - this kind of policy covers you from costs should your business cause injuries or damages to another person's or business' image, reputation, or character.
  • Bodily Injury - covers you and your business from liabilities resulting in disease, illness or sickness, and even death.
  • Advertising Liability - this rescues your company from lawsuits related to publicity such as trademark issues, false claims about your competitor or other business, and defamation.

If you will subcontract on commercial jobs, a worker's compensation insurance policy will also be helpful. This will cover your employees' lost wages and medical expenses if ever an accident will occur while performing their jobs.

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