What does ocean marine insurance cover?


Ocean marine insurance is a type of transportation insurance intended to protect goods that are transported over water. Ocean marine insurance can take the form of a number of different contracts, depending on the personal insurance needs of the prospective insured.

Ocean Marine Insurance Coverages

An ocean marine insurance policy provides protection against a wide range of causes-of-loss on a named-peril basis, including perils of the sea, such as collision, high waves, stranding; and other perils, such as damage or loss caused by pirates, jettison, fire, barratry, etc. However, at the request of the named insured, ocean marine insurance can provide protection against all risks, except the ones that are specifically excluded in the policy.

Here are the common coverages provided by ocean marine insurance:

  • Hull insurance resembles the collision coverage of auto insurance policies in that it provides protection against any potential damage to the vessel or ship. If you opt for this type of ocean marine insurance contract, you will have to pay a certain deductible in the event of a covered loss. Hull insurance has an extra provision called collision liability coverage under which ship owners whose vessels cause physical damage to another vessel and/or its cargo, are protected. However, this clause does not pertain to liability for bodily injury.
  • Freight insurance provides financial protection to the owner of the vessel in the event that the cargo is damaged or lost.
  • Cargo insurance indemnifies the shipper of the goods if the latter have suffered any damage or loss. Depending on the personal insurance needs of shippers, cargo insurance can cover a single shipment or it can be written on an open-policy basis whereupon the policy provides automatic coverage for every shipment.
  • Protection and indemnity insurance protects the owner of the vessel against legal liability that may arise out of the bodily injury or property damage to others.
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