How do I go about obtaining a business liability insurance quote?


Since the advent of the world wide web, the process of getting a business liability insurance quote has been simplified and made very user-friendly. Not only can prospective buyers skip the go-between and save on insurance broker fees, but they can also get multiple business liability insurance quotes, and compare them absolutely for free and within a few clicks of the mouse.

That is not to say that you shouldn't consider contacting an insurance agent when looking for the right quote: because business liability insurance is usually expensive and it is very important to get the right coverage, hiring an experienced and qualified insurance broker is strongly advisable.

How to Get a Business Liability Insurance Quote

Whether you submit on online application form, or apply through an insurance agent, you will be asked to provide answers to the following standard questions:

  • General information and information about the business.
    • What the name of your business is;
    • Number of full-time and part-time employees;
    • Contact name and address;
    • Whether you are renewing an existing business policy, or applying for a new one;
    • SIC code - by division, major groups and industry;
    • Legal entity/status - whether your business is a sole proprietorship, joint venture, partnership, corporation, limited liability corporation, municipality, or trust;
    • How many years your company has been in business;
    • Your Gross Annual Payroll and Gross Annual Revenue;
    • How many years you have been an owner in the industry;
    • How you could briefly describe your business.
  • Your choice of coverage.

    In this section of the business liability insurance application form, you will be asked to choose one or more of the following coverage options, specifically designed for the business:

    • Business Owners Policy, General Liability policy, Commercial Auto policy, Workers Compensation, Group Health policy.
    • In addition, you can apply for surety and fidelity bonds, Directors & Officers liability insurance and Errors & Omissions insurance.
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