Calculate Your Disability Insurance Needs

Use this calculator to estimate how much disability insurance you will need to cover your expenses if you become disabled.

Explanation of the fields that need to be filled:

For comprehensive information about disability insurance read: Disability insurance explained from A to Z.

Current monthly expenses

All of your expenses for one month, including rent or mortgage, food, utility, clothes, entertainment, and etc.

Disability monthly expenses

The expected monthly expenses during the period in which you are disabled.

Most of your usual expenses, such as mortgage, food and others, will probably stay the same during this period. However, some will not be present and that is why often disability expenses are smaller than the usual ones.

Length of disability

Fill in how many months you expect to stay without income due to disability.

Current monthly coverage

Fill in your current monthly disability coverage (if any). Check if you have any coverage provided by your employer.

Length of coverage

Fill in how many months your current disability coverage includes.

Annual inflation

The current inflation rate is about 3.0%. If you get disabled for just a couple months inflation will not matter much to you; however, it will be a more important factor if you remain disabled for longer than a few years.