Will your premiums go up if you were involved in an auto accident but were not at fault?


If you made a claim with your insurance company, your premiums will likely go up regardless of whether the auto accident was your fault or not. That is why it is important to pursue all avenues to claim against the erring driver's auto insurance policy.

Auto insurance companies have varying policies as to what will cause your premiums to go up even though you are not at fault in the accident. Here are some of the reasons why your premiums may go up:

  • Frequency. How many times have you made a not-at-fault claim against your auto insurance policy?

    If you made just one claim and still maintain a good driving record, some insurance companies may just let this one time pass and not let your premiums increase. But if this happens one too many times, you can expect a rise in your premium rates. Insurance companies also put into consideration your risk level, and car accidents, whether due to your fault or not, will raise your risk levels.

  • Severity. If it was just a scratch in the fender due to a car backing into you, you may not have raised premiums. But if your car was totally wrecked, sorry, your premiums will increase.

    Another example would be your car being damaged as a result of a slippery road while driving in a storm. Even though the incident may not be attributed as your fault, it will mean substantial expenses to your insurance company.

  • Driving record. If you had a traffic violation in the past, even before the accident happen, this violation can be counted against you, thereby, causing your premiums to increase.
  • Non-use of safety devices. If you had been enjoying discounts due to the fact that you have installed your car with safety devices and it was found out during the accident that you were actually not making use of these safety devices, your insurance company may deny the discount the next time.

    This also means an increase in your premiums. For instance, your insurance company will stop giving you discounts if it was shown that you were not wearing your seatbelt at the time of the accident.

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