How can I find the best car insurance prices?


Shopping around for automobile insurance is a difficult and time-consuming task. Yet, you should persevere if you really wish to find the best auto insurance prices. There are a few strategies that can help you shave hundreds of dollars off your car insurance premiums.

Here are a few tips that can make the process of looking for the best car insurance offer smooth and effective:

  1. The rule of thumb is: Always shop around! The only way to find the right car insurance quote is by comparing prices from a number of different auto insurance companies.

    The Internet allows you to find information about every insurer, check the insurer's rating, and get an instant car insurance quote for free. Some specialized websites even do the quote comparison automatically for you. Even though it is a good start for your search, the Internet should not be the only place to look for auto insurance. Contacting each company directly will help you find out more about the quote you are being offered.

  2. Improve your driving record if you wish to lower the premium amount. You can do that by avoiding speeding and driving when you have consumed alcohol.
  3. Get all the discounts you can! Although the types of discounts offered by car insurers vary from company to company, you might qualify for the following ones:
    • Anti-theft device discount can vary between 5 and 50 percent of comprehensive coverage;
    • Multi-car discount - between 10 and 15 percent;
    • Discount for not having an accident in three years - 5-10 percent;
    • Discount for drivers aged 50 and above;
    • Discount for having anti-lock brakes;
    • Discount for having a good student in the family;
    • Discount for having taken a defensive driving course, etc.
  4. If you have vehicles older than six years, you might be better off dropping the collision and comprehensive insurance on the car, since it would probably be more expensive to have it repaired, than to buy the same car again.
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