Should I buy uninsured motorist coverage?


Since in USA one in every seven drivers causing road accidents doesn't have any liability auto insurance, it is highly advisable that you include uninsured motorist coverage in your Personal Auto policy. Otherwise, you risk not being adequately compensated for your pain and suffering in the event of an accident.

Unfortunately, some states do not have minimum auto insurance rules so there are many irresponsible drivers out there, not bothering to buy even basic auto coverage.

You might have already purchased a liability coverage which guarantees to protect you against any suit or claim in the event of an accident. But you should also think about yourself. What if you suffer in an accident and what if the at-fault motorist doesn't have insurance, or runs away after hitting you? After all, you never know who you might be involved in an accident with.

Buying uninsured motorist coverage protects you in situations like these, promising to pay the named insured for the bodily injury, and sometimes even for property damage if the other driver is uninsured or insolvent. This is not to say that at-fault motorists escape accountability altogether: your insurance company's first responsibility is to indemnify you and then it takes the matter of pursuing the other party in its own hands until it gets completely reimbursed.

How Much Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

This will, of course, depend on how much you can afford to pay in premiums, but make sure you buy an uninsured motorist coverage at least equal in amount to your liability insurance limits.

Since you are willing to reimburse someone for unintentionally causing them losses, why would YOU be left inadequately compensated if the same happened to you? You should also consider purchasing underinsured motorist coverage in addition to the uninsured motorist insurance, as there is always the possibility that a driver's liability limits will not be high enough to fully compensate you for your injuries.

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