Does my auto policy offer an uninsured motorist property damage coverage?


Some people erroneously assume that their uninsured motorist coverage includes protection against damage to their property. In fact, few people are aware that a typical uninsured motorist coverage pays only for bodily injuries, and does not cover any physical damages to your vehicle, caused by an uninsured driver.

If you already have collision coverage, you don't have to get uninsured motorist property damage coverage, unless your state has laws requiring insurance companies to offer it. Collision coverage pays all the repair expenses.

If uninsured motorist property damage coverage is mandatory in your state, you can still opt out of it in writing after signing the insuring agreement. In other states, uninsured motorist property damage coverage is optional and you are not in any way expected to purchase it.

Uninsured Motorist Property Damage Coverage by State

29 states have legislation which addresses motorist property damage coverage. They are explained in detail in the chart below.

State UMPD
Alaska May be rejected in writing
Arkansas May be rejected in writing, a $200 deductible applies
California May be rejected in writing
Colorado Optional
Delaware Included in uninsured motorist coverage
District of Columbia Obligatory
Georgia Obligatory
Hawaii Obligatory
Illinois May be rejected by insured
Indiana May be rejected in writing
Louisiana Obligatory, a $250 deductible applies
Maryland Obligatory
Mississippi May be rejected by insured
New Hampshire Optional
New Jersey Obligatory
New Mexico Obligatory
North Carolina Obligatory
Ohio Available upon request
Oregon Obligatory
Rhode Island Obligatory unless rejected, optional if covered against collision
South Carolina Obligatory
Tennessee May be rejected, a $200 deductible applies
Texas Obligatory
Utah Obligatory if no collision coverage
Vermont Obligatory
Virginia Obligatory
Washington Obligatory if no collision coverage
West Virginia Obligatory
Wyoming Optional
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